Daniel Ricciardo to McLaren Rumours

So it seems that there are rumours that Daniel Ricciardo is in talks to drive for McLaren next year. I do not think that this is a good idea, and there are two reasons for this. The first is that he is currently at a team that, whilst it is currently lacking pace a bit behind the two leading teams of Mercedes and Ferrari, is still in the running for Constructor’s Championship, and has a history of producing Championship-winning drivers, such as Sebastian Vettel, who came through their academy and the Toro Rosso team. So I think that if he were to move to McLaren, he would be taking a step backwards in his career, and a step further away from becoming the World Champion that he hopefully one day will be. It is important to remember that you can have a good driver, but even a good driver will not do well if the car is not good, and at McLaren they had a really bad time with Honda engines in 2017, and this season they have only slightly improved with Renault engines, but realistically they are not going to be challenging for the Championship title or even the Constructor’s Championship, because their pace has not been great this season. Fernando Alonso is a fantastic example of this – a great driver who has an awful season because of the car. The second reason is that McLaren have said that they want to keep Alonso for next season, although he himself is undecided, but that means that Ricciardo would be taking Stoffel Vandoorne’s place in the McLaren line-up. However, as each team has a main driver and a second driver, would Ricciardo be considered the main driver at McLaren as he is at Red Bull? I don’t think he would, because then Alonso, who is currently McLaren’s main driver, would definitely not be staying at the team because he wouldn’t want to be the second driver. So again this would be Ricciardo taking a step back in his career. I hope he doesn’t have to move from Red Bull to achieve his dream of being a World Champion, but if he does then there are more recently successful teams that he can move to. Ferrari reportedly have a seat up for grabs, but again with Vettel as the main driver there, Ricciardo would probably be seen as a second driver as well. At the moment, I think he should stay at Red Bull, as that is the only place where, out of the top teams, he will be considered to be the team’s main driver and have the best chance of getting his hands on the Championship trophy at the end of the year.

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