World Cup 2018

Germany did ok against Sweden but their defence is still problematic. Against the Swedes, they allowed the two strikers, Marcus Berg and Ola Toivonen, to get through them too often. Every time a ball was played through the gaps or crossed into the box from open play or set pieces, Sweden were there first. In attack, they seemed to not be quite there but have evidently worked on it, because although Marco Reus’ shinned goal was a little fortunate, the fact he was there in the first place is an improvement on their performance against Mexico. Toni Kroos’ goal was brilliantly taken though – credit where it is due – but Germany still need to tighten up because against Sweden they got lucky that they didn’t concede more goals from balls into the box, but against a Ronaldo-led Portugal or another team with a predator at the head of it, they might not be so fortunate.


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