World Cup 2018

England can definitely take on Belgium and win, but they will need to sort out a couple of things before that game. They were a little too open at the start of the game in defence, and conceded a late goal against Panama, and against another team that will cost them. It is no secret that Belgium have a very impressive display of attacking talent littering their front ranks, which will take England apart if they don’t address this slight defensive issue. Secondly, they will need to work out how to keep the performance levels high, because although against Panama they could afford to sit back in the second half a bit because the job was already done, they did the same against Tunisia and almost didn’t beat the African side because of this. This needs to change because as the tournament gets further into the knockouts, sitting back might cost them. Other than that, England look happy and comfortable and ready to take on whoever comes at them next.


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