Wimbledon Seedings

There has been a lot of hype about the seedings in the Women’s Singles at Wimbledon this year, and Serena Williams has been seeded No. 25 for the tournament, despite being outside the top 32 in the world. However, the thing about Wimbledon is that they tend to do it on previous performances as well as seedings, so in that sense it should be remembered that whether Serena is seeded or not, she is likely and to be honest expected to go far in the draw, so in that sense it makes sense that she is seeded, whereas Dominika Cibulkova, although I do sympathise with her cause, is not likely to go far as far into the draw. If she does, then hats off to her for a great tournament, but comparing the two, you would always say that Serena is the most likely to advance the furthest. So it does make sense when this is remembered to give Serena a seed. There might be some out there who say that Maria Sharapova wasn’t seeded when she returned, but then she wasn’t reaching the final virtually every year like Serena does, so that is the difference here.

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