Mercedes F1 Team Recent Form

Is Mercedes’ dominance coming to an end in Formula 1, after several years of being significantly ahead of everyone else? They have won just 1 of the last four Grands Prix in the 2018 season, that being the French a couple of weeks ago, and in Austria they messed up their pit strategy and ended up with both cars retiring from the race which was not something anyone was expecting. Well the simple answer is no, not at all. Everyone has their blips and Mercedes and in particular Lewis Hamilton will come back stronger in the German Grand Prix, but the important thing to note is that Hamilton has still been fighting, picking up the pole position at Silverstone and then also fighting back from the early incident with Kimi Raikkonen on Turn 3 to finish in 2nd place. Valtteri Bottas, his Mercedes teammate, is just not getting the luck at the moment, but his luck will change eventually. He and Hamilton are a very good partnership, and I think Mercedes will look to keep up with Ferrari and in particular with Vettel, and if not before, they will regroup over the summer break and go again in the second half of the season. I still think that they have enough to challenge for the World Championship, but they will need to hope that in the races they don’t do so well in, Vettel is prevented from winning by either Ricciardo or Verstappen. They will need to be careful about that though as Red Bull are the team currently occupying 3rd place in the Constructor’s Championship.

So in short, there is nothing to worry about in the bigger picture, but in the smaller picture they do need to win a race sooner rather than later to stay close to Vettel and prevent him gaining a runaway lead in the Championship.


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