Christian Eriksen’s new role at Tottenham

This is just a quick couple of thoughts about Christian Eriksen’s new role at Spurs in recent games. He has been deployed much more as a holding midfielder, but I think this is a role that suits him and Spurs’ style. Here’s why:

Eriksen likes to get in the box and score goals from close range like any other attacking midfielder, but he is also adept at scoring from long range as well. Mauricio Pochettino has obviously decided that actually if he keeps Eriksen slightly further back, and gives him the freedom to take shots on from outside the box, then he can allow the likes of Dele Alli, Son Heung-min, Harry Kane and Lucas Moura to get inside the box and grab the tap-ins as well as outside the box. So this is how this slight tactical switch benefits both Eriksen and the whole Spurs team.

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