Introducing my latest project – Allsportsforum. It is an online discussion forum for fans of any and all sports to come together and chat about whatever they want to. It was named so that this is what went out to those who have seen it.

The link to it is here:

Please feel free to go in and have a look around, perhaps reply to a post or two.

You do need to register and make an account on it, but it’s free to do that, and once you’re in, you have access to everything available, and can chat about any sports you want to.

You can also make an account but not post a single thing if you want to, and just read what others think about your favourite team or sport, if that’s what you prefer doing.

I hope you enjoy it – it has taken a bit of time to get it to where it is now, but I hope that it takes off and people like it.

There is also a link to it on the homepage of my blog, so you can always access Allsportsforum from there too. It also has it’s own Twitter account, @allsportsforum2, where weekly updates on what the main stories are will be posted.


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