Wayward Leicester Tigers Show Fight Of Old Against Wasps

It’s difficult to know where to start with Leicester Tigers in all honesty. Their fall from the top of the Premiership Rugby has been one of the most spectacular in league history. They were league champions as recently as 2013, and yet now they seem to find themselves in a permanent relegation scrap every season. Against Wasps on Saturday afternoon, claiming an 18-9 win, there were signs that the old Tigers’ fight is still there (somewhere), so what can they do to permanently bring that back out of its hiding space?

Firstly, the weather was appalling over the weekend, and that’s not an excuse for mistakes or anything –it’s just that this likely to lead to a wet rugby ball, which will be dropped at times in the match. Storm Dennis hit with a vengeance, meaning the wind and the rain definitely had a part to play in this game.

Leicester started quite poorly against Wasps, but then that is something….

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