Why Sale Sharks And Bristol Bears Are Challengers To The Premiership Rugby Throne

At the start of this 2019/2020 English Premiership Rugby season, few things that have happened could have been predicted. No one would have thought that Saracens would be the team leaving us at the end of it, following the salary cap scandal that rocked the English Rugby Football Union. No one would have predicted that Dai Young would leave as Wasps’ director of rugby halfway through. Few would have suspected that Northampton Saints would become one of the teams to beat this season. Many would have thought that Leicester Tigers would struggle (again). But nearly no one would have seen Sale Sharks and Bristol Bears being sides in the top four, and that is what makes them both interesting teams to examine.

There are a few secrets to teams succeeding in winning games. Firstly, they need to have anticipation. Looking at Sale first, their players anticipate mistakes happening and leap on them when they do. That is what makes them such a dangerous side to play. If the opposition, whoever it may be, overthrows a lineout or loses the ball on the ground, then Sale instantly surrounds them and wins the ball back. There is this hunger for them to have the ball, and it is what drives them onwards in every single game.

Bristol has anticipation in a different way because….

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