How Much Will Cobus Reinach Be Missed At Northampton Saints?

When the 2019/2020 Premiership Rugby season has reached its conclusion, Northampton Saints will bid farewell to one of their best players over the last few seasons. South Africa international Cobus Reinach has been one of their most dangerous players in his three seasons at Franklin’s Gardens over the last two seasons. There are several reasons that show why he has been so lethal on the rugby pitch and why he has been so crucial to the Saints’ rise up the league.

Firstly, he possesses raw pace. Considering he is a scrum-half, and so is not necessarily paid to run with the ball so much as others are, he loves to do just that. Scrum-halves are usually found at the back of breakdown situations, fishing balls out of the pile of players on the ground and either passing it out or kicking it forwards, to allow the team to get moving forwards again. However, Reinach is confident doing either of these, and he runs perhaps further than most would in his position because of his pace, which simply means he is unstoppable when he gets going.

He is also incredibly precise with his passing, and this is something….

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