World Cup 2018

Well done Colombia but Poland have been the only team that have not turned up to the World Cup and tonight said goodbye to any chance of progression. They were all over the place and didn’t seem to have a plan on how to beat Colombia, who, despite losing to Japan in their opener, looked like it was just a blip and they still played well enough to show they had more to display. Tonight, Colombia showed that extra bit that they didn’t show against Japan and deservedly defeated Poland. The Poles just didn’t show any fight, any desire to be in the next rounds, and their tactical decisions didn’t make sense, like bringing on Kamil Glik when he’s been carrying an injury, and hoping that he would change the game for them. I’m really disappointed by them to be honest. I normally try and offer some way that they can improve but tonight they were just abysmal and need to improve everything.


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